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Top Law Firm Web Design Tips

While most law firms know the value of investing in a great website, it’s more difficult to understand the critical elements that your law firm web design should have. As a provider of legal services, you want your clients to trust you with their lives, their businesses and their families. So, first impressions matter and your website design acts as a vehicle to attract new clients. You’ll want to partner with a digital marketing agency that understands law firm web design so they can help you to create compelling logos, refine your vision and design a bespoke website that reflects your unique brand. Today’s legal industry is changing with technology and rebuilding your website requires more than a simple website redesign to stand out from the competition. Here are a few law firm web design tips that will increase your site’s ranking so you can compel users to contact you. Speed if your website isn’t loading fast enough, potential clients will leave your site before they can find what they need. Moreover, a slow loading site can damage your firm’s online presence as it affects your site’s ranking in Google search results. What goes on your site will directly affect your site loading speed. Filling your front page with large image files and videos, for example, can significantly slow down site speed. Try a minimalist design approach as short pages take much shorter to load than larger pages. It also helps to get an idea of how your site is measuring up using software such as Google’s Page Speed Insights tool. Such tools provide tips on how to improve page speed, but you’ll want to hire an expert with the experience to achieve faster speeds.

Mobile responsiveness:

Mobile traffic has surpassed desktop traffic and it’s likely that more of your site’s visitors are using their smartphones when browsing through your site. Optimizing your site for mobile is no longer a necessity but a requirement. Be sure to cater to mobile users by ensuring your site is responsive on all major browsers and devices. A mobile responsive site can contain most if not all the information on your desktop site and should match your site branding. However, you can exclude unnecessary videos and images to increase loading time. Also, make sure the mobile version is formatted correctly, with content that is both easy to read and properly aligned. Optimize for conversions. Ultimately, the main goal of your site is to convert visitors into clients. That means you have to make it convenient and easy for a user to contact you, no matter where they are on your website. It also helps to ensure that your listed phone number is clickable on mobile devices. Many law firm web designs take this into consideration, giving users options to choose between secure messaging, phone calls and live chat, for example. For better results, you want to support your contact information with strong Call to action (CTAs) like “set up an appointment to see a lawyer this week” or “call us now for a consultation” Invest in High-quality visuals. Invest in high quality and professionally created visuals. This includes all images, logos and videos as your law firm will benefit from using them. Hire a professional videographer, photographer and graphic designer, and it will be a worthwhile investment.

User-Friendly Interface:

If you’ll want photos of certain dimensions, for example, establish that with both your web designer and photographer in advance. Make sure you have a user-friendly interface. When it comes to navigating your website, it helps to determine how long it takes for a potential client to find relevant information regarding your practice. The process should be nice and simple. If a client lands on your page the first time, you need to ensure they can find information about the services you offer; the lawyers at your practice or contact information immediately through a drop-down menu. If you specialize in different areas of law, you may benefit from a web design with on-page CTAs that help users find what they need even without having to look at the navigation bar. Place information on Proper pages. Your site may have a visually appealing and easy to understand navigation menu, but it’s important to divide up information and place them on proper pages. Your landing page gives you an opportunity to provide a quick overview of what makes your firm unique without overwhelming site visitors.

Keep paragraphs and sentences short and to the point:

The last thing you want for your law firm website is big chunks of text instead of well-arranged copy. Keep your homepage simple and straight to the point, and allocate other pages to provide details about your service. Placing information on the right pages makes it easier for users to find, process and act on information they’re getting from your site. Consider having site pages dedicated to:

•Each of the services you offer/areas of specialty
•Lawyers of the firm
•Testimonials and/or case studies.


Shape your content with appealing subheadings:

Consider dedicating long posts to the FAQs/Blog Post pages but also break everything up into subheadings that make them easier to read. Hire seasoned professionals. A great law firm web design should be simplistic, intuitive and visually appealing. While you may have an in-house tech guy or department that knows a thing or two about website design, your best bet is to hire a professional. Only an expert will understand what to do when, where and why. Want to set up your site or want to give it a new look? We offer web design services to help you create the most high-performing website for your law firm. Feel free to contact us at Why choose us? We are a team of specialists with a great deal of experience in providing customized digital marketing solutions in the legal space. We at the Local SEO Lawyer understand the legal industry and are well equipped to provide customized solutions that meet your firm’s needs. We take pride in excellent customer service and are take a results-based approach to digital marketing. Contact us today for all your website design and development needs.

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