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New Website Tips for Lawyers

In the last decade, more and more law firms have come to realize the importance of websites in their new age marketing strategy. More websites have sprung up over the last decade than at any time in human history. And while the results continue to be fantastic on the whole, it is not all that encouraging for many others.

Thanks to the rapid influx of business websites, and its expected future growth, it is no longer enough to simply own a website. Whether you are a large law firm with tens of attorneys, a small three man team, or a single man practice, the following tips must be followed if your website is to serve as the great marketing tool you sorely desire.

Simplicity is everything

Not every “glamorous” plugin and functionality is needed. Likewise, elaborate designs do not necessarily make your website better. From your choice of colors to your design elements, you need everything to be simple. Note that some features, while ideal for other business types and purposes, may only serve to dampen user experience or harm the visibility of your law website.

Keep it “responsive”

Smartphones and tablets have overtaken personal computers as the major source of internet traffic. Your website should offer the same seamless experience to every user, regardless of their device. To achieve this, your website design should be responsive, intuitively adapting itself to the screen resolution of the mobile or PC visitor, making for smoother, friendlier navigation. A better user experience ultimately results in higher conversion levels for your website.

Integrated search functionality

Many of your web visitors seek new information targeted at a specific practice area. Make it easy for these ones to search out related articles by including a search button on your page. This will ensure that existing clients and potential ones together can easily find whatever content they desire – boosting user engagement, improving search rankings, and generating better leads.

Include an attorney directory

Of course, if you are a one-man law firm or a small two man practice, you can easily identify team members without a directory. But this is not the case for a large law firm with over 15 attorneys. Organize your directory so that visitors can search according to location and practice area criteria.

Be clear with your offer

What services can clients expect to get from you? Law practice is a huge sector and specialization is a must. Clearly state your specific practice type(s) from the beginning. Be clear about the kind of persons that fall within your practice category and the kind of cases you handle. Prospects must be able to see this as soon as they land on your page in order to keep them hooked. Such clarity is also a vital part of your rankings for the right search terms.

Differentiate yourself

How do you stand out from the multitude of other law firms in your region? Given that you are not the one speaking, you want to consider your website as your mouthpiece. Avoid being generic with your offer and let your personality shine through. Stay away from cliché terms. Talk about how your personal experience and background has prepared you for practice in this region, and be clear about your motivations.

Avoid stock photos

The temptation to use generic stock photos can be overwhelming when you are just creating your website. With too many things to worry about, you might consider this a minor sacrifice. But it isn’t. Stock photos are easy to spot, and they come off as unprofessional. Use clear and candid photos of your own attorneys and office to give the website a warm, personal feel.

Easily accessible contact method

If you have achieved a measure of success in convincing clients, the next evolutionary phase for you will be getting them to contact you. How do they do it? Some websites unintentionally and erroneously conceal this information. That shouldn’t be. Ensure that your contact method can be seen on every page, and include a clear “contact” section on your navigation pane for access to a Contact form. Your contact list should include a phone number and email address.

Optimize for SEO

You can only enjoy the benefits of organic traffic if your website is optimized for search engines. If you use a WordPress based website, check out themes already optimized for lawyers and attorneys. Seek out SEO plugins that give you a further edge. You will also find HTML templates that boost your law website SEO value. To get the best of your website, follow these three pro tips:

  • Naturally integrate the law search terms you are targeting, including practice type and location
  • Avoid stuffing too many keywords related to your practice as this is counterproductive
  • Create good backlinks to boost web interconnectivity


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