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The common thing with many web page owners is that they tend to misunderstand the reasons their websites fail in getting get to the top of the pecking order with search engines. The reason is quite simple. There is much more favor for the most relevant results pertaining to each search, and web pages that offer the most complete and consistent data in local results from searches. This is simply because they match the more accurately with the searches made. This factor gives reason why it is necessary to ensure that your NAP information remains consistent all over the web.

If your NAP data is inaccurate or incomplete, it has the capability to mar your efforts towards improved advertising. In a period that promises a rapidly growing awareness in the use of digital advertising, the knowledge that inaccurate NAP has an adverse effect on SEO is necessary. Your ranking with inaccurate data experiences a fall and the online awareness of your practice may go with it.

These inconsistencies can be in any form, occurring with the given names, addresses or contact. An instance is a situation where information is inconsistent in that your official website produces a main contact that does not match with the one that is provided in another web page of same practice or enterprise. It may be a branch’s web page or a connected individual’s -for instance, where this related one refers to the main one, while producing a contact that is different from the one placed on the main website. This mismatch most likely results in confusing the search engine and its readers even more. We can help build the right NAP for your business. Also see below what other things we do for your brand.

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We provide weekly monitoring regarding your NAP information. We want to make sure your brand is displayed rightly across all channels.

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