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Can you name any one attorney who particularly desires to miss out on the biggest clients and cases? No, you can’t! That’s our one true desire as attorneys after all. That is the singular reason why many of us have spent valuable years of our life immersing ourselves in studying law practice. But knowing the craft is a whole lot different from marketing it.

If you have just broken out into solo practice, or your law agency has toiled unsuccessfully at growth over the years, you might want to consider new marketing trends. To be fair, the bulk of the most effective modern marketing trends hover around digital marketing (aka online marketing) given the prevalence of the internet in today’s world. Here are some trends to consider.

Focused, professional website design

Of course, the internet is the mother of all modern day marketing trends. And few things serve to position you as an expert in your craft like a professional website. But you must avoid the trap of over-complicating things. Keep your color tone simple, yet compelling. Use strong, clear content to indicate the services you provide and how these can benefit your visitors. And integrate call to action design elements to improve conversion rates.

Assert your results

The law practice is unlike any other. While taking a general sales tone might get you through the door in certain businesses, it is not enough in law practice. People do not need an attorney who is good at sales. They need one who can get them the results they desire.

Position yourself as a law firm that can win, not through vague promises, but with results and statistics. How much have you won back for clients? How many cases have you won? What is your win percentage? Careful use of your results and statistics can boost client trust even before they converse with you.

Content is King

Nothing gets the attention of prospective clients faster than targeted blog posts. By offering valuable insight into the law practice through your blog, you optimize your website to rank above those of your competition. Always keep in mind that a potential client who visits your page with a problem will very likely click your blog to find what you say about the problem.

Beyond that, your Google ranking when is directly affected by the content you publish. This generates a huge user traffic, leading to potentially more conversions. Oh, and the more content you publish each month, the more likely that you rank highly and get more leads.

Video marketing

Sounds crazy? No, it is not! YouTube has become the world’s second largest search engine, and it is primed to overtake Google as the largest. It is estimated that over 75 million persons watch online videos every day. You can be sure that some of your prospective clients fall within this category. In only a few years from now, videos are expected to topple written content as the source of all consumer internet traffic.

Thanks to their ability to hold our visual senses and the intimacy of hearing a voice, this is no surprise. Give yourself a head start over your competition by using videos to solve client problems and connect with them.

Google Reviews

Google remains the search engine most frequently used all over the world. This means that you must take advantage of everything and anything that helps you rank on Google. Have you listed your business on Google? Using Google’s listings, you can give a detailed brief about your business, from your service type to your contact details, opening and closing hours, and location. This is important in positioning yourself to be noticed by those in your locality. However, at least 90 percent of consumers judge a business by the reviews they see – in this regard, online reviews have eclipsed personal recommendations. Encourage satisfied clients to leave service reviews. They are invaluable.

There are tremendous opportunities for growing your law firm online. Digital marketing is here to stay as the key marketing tool of the 21st century, and you must take advantage of it. As more of the world depends on the internet for information, you can get your law firm in the immediate view of prospective clients by using the internet wisely.

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