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Legal Marketing: 6 steps to Acquiring better clients

Attracting new clients is the goal of for many lawyers. But you want to attract the biggest clients in the industry. Today, the internet provides a massive opportunity for many law firms to tap into.

Considering that 97% of consumers, by current survey, admit to searching online before purchasing a service, you would be dead wrong to believe that internet marketing is not for you. This is one of the greatest avenues through which your law firm can attract more (and better!) clients. Of course, this is only possible if you get your marketing techniques right.

Here are 5 surefire ways you can improve this technique.

    1. Ensure your Website is UserFriendly

The best websites are simple, clean, and easy to navigate. Keeping your website content clustered is never a good way to attract clients and prospects. Prospects will easily walk away when they find it difficult navigating your site. Consider your website as a window of opportunity to win new business. Simplicity and clarity of information wins you clients in this rather short window.

Likewise, you want to give consideration to the different mediums and devices through which your website can be accessed. More persons today make use of smartphones to search out professional services, so your site has to be mobile-friendly. Whatever the platform upon which your site is built, ensure it boasts a responsive design that adapts to devices, and makes usage all the more enjoyable.

    2. Keep Up With Evolving Trends

As with offline marketing, online marketing trends continue to evolve. SEO best practices have changed a great deal since when Google first launched, and the practices of 2015 are no longer ideal in 2018. Keeping up with these trends will help keep you at the top of the search results as the rules of the game evolve.

Watch out for changes in search trends, and adjust your SEO game accordingly. Be sure to target narrower keywords (such as “professional DUI attorney in Oklahoma”, “child custody lawyer in Chicago”) that give better, more precise search results.

    3. Up Your Content Game

A catchy website design paired with terribly crafted content achieves no results. Good content is vital if you are to convert prospects to clients. Your content should not just be designed to pass information, it should engage the readers, virtually taking them by the hand and leading them into your firm.

Not only does your content reveal your vast knowledge, it should also reveal an overlaying empathy and understanding. It also attracts valuable traffic. Build your content game around the use of written copies, infographics and videos.

    4. Take Advantage of Online Chat

Having a website is definitely important to your online marketing strategy. However, you can further improve your engagement levels by offering online chat solutions to your website visitors. You can always toggle between the use of intuitive chatbots that answer broad inquiries, switching quickly to human reps when questions become more targeted. People love that they can get their questions answered almost immediately, and they find it easier determining if you fit their needs.

    5. Marketing is a Numbers Game

The only way you can succeed in any form of marketing is to keep track of the numbers. Declare specific targets for each of your online marketing techniques, and keep track of your results. This will help you assess just how effective a strategy is. Cut off any techniques that do not yield results.

Talking of numbers, money is best made by spending money. Invest in online ads that give you even more exposure. A proper online advertising strategy is adaptive, closely watching the numbers (results), and redistributing advertising funds into channels that yield. Also keep in mind that a faltering strategy is not necessarily a bad one, it is usually a pointer for an improvement.

    6. Stay Ahead of Your Marketing

It is understandable that most lawyers might have problems with adapting these strategies into a winning formula. You are, after all, are a lawyer and not a marketer, and your tight schedule may limit your ability to take charge of the marketing end. Feel free to reach out to Local SEO Lawyer, an established law marketing firm. We will be glad to create a custom marketing plan for you that improves your client numbers and type.

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