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In the United States alone, there are over 1.2 million attorneys registered to the American Bar Association, there is estimated to be an increase of no less than 15% by or before 2020. There are more attorneys these days than there ever were before, this has made marketing (for any serious legal group) to be less a thing of option but more of necessity. Without good marketing, Law firms would be buried under the ever increasing pile of legal chatter online, patronage and referrals will dwindle drastically, their customer base will drop safe for a few loyal clients.

Here, we’ll be revealing a few strategies and ideas you can employ to get yourself ahead of the pack and get more business for yourself. Do note that these principles are proved and trusted, and they are sure to give you the desired results. Shall we?

Own an Excitingly Unique website

Research has shown that most web pages owned by law firms are draped with loads of sincerely uninteresting content that are not really ‘share’ worthy. If you want your firm to be seen in a new and improved light, you must come up with ways to make your website exciting and engaging. No, you are not expected to throw a circus online rather, you could start with creating blogs that speak of everyday life activities but in a refreshing and legal perspective, teaching them about their rights and what they can do by law. This is just one idea, there are many modifications you can introduce that would make you stand out. You could hire the services of a blogger or a content creator to help you with this. The regular blog updates would also help the traffic on your site.

Run a PR campaign

PR simply means Public Relations. This can play a big role for your law firm. What you need to understand is that, when you do something that is media coverage worthy, you attract awareness and traffic to your law firm. You do not need to make up a story, or trend for a negative reason; all you need to do is to follow major stories, be involved, if you can’t get up close, you can repost them on your site. Join the stream of positive activities in the world and let your name be seen, when you consistently do these things, you get noticed both by the big names and the small names, and we all know how good attention is for business.

Try Email Marketing

Email marketing has revolutionized multiple businesses in diverse sectors and it sure can work for law firms. To get the best result from your email marketing campaigns, you need to be sending out some really striking and well put content; such can be provided by professional content creators. Emailing starts with an email list, you could do this the normal way, i.e. gather from scratch the email addresses of clients and other persons from a free consultation session, however you may call up the services of commercial email marketing specialists to help you with mails of persons near your business location.  With your powerful content drafted, and the services of an email marketing group like MailChimp or AWeber you can get the knowledge of your business out there in no time!

Evaluate and improve your most visited web page

You should know the pages on your list that are the most visited, if you don’t, Google analytics can easily help you. When you have identified that page, you need to evaluate the kind of conversation that is had on these pages, judge the language and its tone, are your responses geared towards making a conversion? You may need to focus on the main concerns of your potential clients which from experience is mostly experience and competence at handling said cases. Also, you would need to consider the fluidity of the page, adjust the themes if necessary. The goal here is to better both the outlook of your page (and website in general) and also improve your customer engagements, both which are very important factors for your firm.

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