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The business world, regardless of the sector or niche has gotten increasingly more competitive than it used to be. It behooves owners of law firms and establishments to engage effective marketing strategies in order to get the right patronage for their business. The Legal sector is no different, some attorneys and law groups don’t get as much patronage as they ought to due to their failure to optimally utilize the many benefits of digital marketing and the expert service of professionals specialized in highly converting marketing operations.

This short read would avail you with ten (10) proven marketing techniques for your law firm; this list is a product of observant research and is sure to rake in the desired results. Let’s dig in!

Get a plan ready to go!

Every great venture begins with the first step, and for your marketing campaign, getting a business plan that spells out important details is the first step. In the Business plan, it is important you state what you want to achieve with date them too. Also, outline your target patronage sources and your plan to get them.

Get the economics right

You must ensure that your budget for the marketing scheme is less than or equal to 5% of the margin you make. Of course, this margin is to be estimated after salaries and other primary accounts have been settled. Doing this would ward off the chance of spending too little (or too much) for the campaign and help you evaluate which of the marketing strategies are more beneficial than the others.

Give it your attention

The task of growing the capacity of your law firm via the engagement of marketing strategies is not an easy task, you must ensure that you give it your time – a minimum of 4 hours every week. That would help you bring more new business.

Be sure its progress can be measured

As a rule of thumb, expert marketing strategists recommend that you only pour money into campaigns whose success can be measured. What this means is that regardless of how good a scheme may appear to be, it is incredibly important that you estimate your ROI on your marketing efforts. A good and measurable marketing scheme is digital marketing and its various forms.

Start with achievable milestones

For you, these are past clients who have required your service, their referred business and more. Since they are familiar with your work, it should be relatively easier to access them and attract business from them. In the quest for expansion, you definitely don’t want to let go of your old clients while reaching for new.

Optimize your Website

Your website is the first image of you people get before you even get to say ‘Hello’. It is very important that your website is well made up; we all know what they say about first impressions. You would need someone who is a specialist at internet marketing to maintain your site, not merely a web designer. Content must be provided for the site regularly also, as this helps traffic. Also, ensure that your site is Search Engine Optimized, and very easy to navigate, it is so important how you present yourself online.


Increase your connections and affiliations by joining organizations that border around what you do. Be in places where your clients are likely to be, it will provide you with the ample opportunity to meet new

Engage your referrers

Another cool way to get word of your firm abroad is by going through your clients and your intermediaries. You can engage your intermediaries and go through their clients’ list, your intermediaries include accountants, insurers, account executives etc. they daily have access to clients with profiles and needs that are identical to yours.

Reach out to Target Clients

Target clients are really just business executives that you already know. These could be people at your religious organizations, or clubs, people for whom you don’t need to make cold calls. This approach is more beneficial, as it saves you the many formalities and rigor, it is way more economical than a random approach.

Measure your progress and expenditures

This will help you to estimate how well you have done after a fixed period of time, doing this also will help you see how much returns have come in for the investments you made. Any activity that has appeared to yield less than expected should be re-evaluated.

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